Passion Sunday 29 March 2020

Opening Words

Come and worship the resurrection God, the Lord of creation, who is always present, no matter what restrictions we are under. Worship him today in spirit and in truth.


God of new life, risen hope, and eternal joy, as I pray today, come through the risen Christ, enter my heart and mind filling me with your renewing strength.

As you raise me up, I praise and thank you for life and all its joys felt in worship, seen in other people, known in creation and in my heart.

Accept my prayer in Jesus name.  Amen

 Reading please read Psalm 130


The words of the psalmist seem so appropriate for our present circumstances that we can readily understand this lamentation, as they say, 1 Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord.  2Lord, hear my voice!Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications!

Whether it was David or another writer it matters not. This is a universal feeling, especially in the face of C19.

Some, unfortunately, do not trust anyone, let alone God. It is evident in the hoarding of toilet rolls and others goods to the detriment of the more vulnerable. It will perhaps eventually, with food items, show by the amount wasted.

Yet God never wastes his love, he showers it everywhere on everyone. His gifts come when needed and, as manna did in the desert, cannot be hoarded against a rainy day. We must to accept or not.

The truth is we either trust God or not. Not passively. We must be proactive, or depend on others to act where we cannot. It is always the reciprocity of our worship to God’s unconditional love for us and all people.

As the psalmist says, 8 It is he(God) who will redeem Israel from all its iniquities.


Today God, I weep with all who weep, cry to you with all in distress, sing to you with all who celebrate, mourn with those who mourn.

I give thanks for all who have to work, doing essential jobs in healthcare, food production and delivery, and public services.

We pray for all where relationships have been broken by the current health crisis, praying for your peace in theirs and everyone’s hearts.

Be with me this week in all I must endure, celebrate, and anticipate.

In Jesus name.  Amen


Now as I finish and bless your name bless me, Lord God, in your name, in Jesus’ name and through the Holy Spirit.  

Amen and Amen